ZDAY Survival Simulator
breaks the 100K download mark

by Ed Anderson

ZDAY Survival Simulator is on track to hit the 100K downloads mark on the iTunes App Store this Saturday, June 30th, less than 6 months after it was initially released.
ZDAY Survival Simulator was released January 7th, 2012, ZDAY Survival Simulator has consistently been in the top 5% of paid apps since its release, at one point hitting as high as #26 in overall paid apps in the US.
While the updates for ZDAY have been few and far between since the last major update in April, he still has big plans for the title in upcoming months. Plans include completely re-designing the game engine to give the player more control, and adding several features that we want to see in the game such as the ability to use weapons and items in different scnearios, as well as expanded content.
These updates are set for the beginning of August, which will coincide with the release of the companion game title "ZDAY Survivor".



Chinese language bug has been fixed in version 1.2 of ZDAY Survival Simulator HD

The bug that was found to display Chinese language text in one fo the early encounters on devices running non US-English language preferences has been fixed. Any users who are experiencing this error are encouraged to update their application, which was released yesterday.
The bug was found and fixed last week, but due to Apple policy, all new releases are subject to approxinately one week wait time before they can be approved and released.


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Why two versions of ZDAY?

People have asked: "Why are there two versions of ZDAY, but only the HD version works on iPad 3? Why can't you just make one version do all of it?

ANSWER: Because we wanted to be able to accommodate all the people who still have older devices like iPhone 3 and iPod 2G, that are still using iOS 4.2. We cannot create a version that will support both. It's not us, it's Apple.

Both versions play and look the same, the new HD version is for iPad 1, 2, and 3 only, and requires iOS 4.3 and later.