Mongadillo Studios Releases "Toonies HD" for iPad

Groundbreaking release marks over a year in development

Portland, Oregon—March 29, 2011— Mongadillo Studios Inc. today announces the release of it's first title for a mobile computing platform. The nearly year long project is titled "Super Toonies of the Forever", and is exclusively for iPad for the time being, with a "light" version for iPod Touch and iPhone slated for Summer. "Super Toonies of the Forever", or "Toonies" for short, takes an unconventional approach to mobile device entertainment for kids. The game combines a rich touch interface with unique character designs and animation. Ed Anderson released this statement about the game play:

"In Toonies, the player is not given instructions on what to do, only a brief introduction as to how to approach the game. The game is meant to be a sandbox, where the player is given a collection of unique animated characters and situations that they can mix and match any way they want to create a completely unique play experience. In addition to allowing the player to drop any combination of characters into any one of their "scenes", with Development help from the geniuses at Cerulean Games, we have designed an incredibly robust A. I. (artificial intelligence) engine which keeps track of several things at once that affect the game environment, such as what the player is doing, time, what interactive characters are in the scene, what they are doing, and what they're relationship is to each other. In other words, the game not only interacts with the user, but it also interacts with itself. As for the release schedule, we are doing that very deliberately, because I think that kids will enjoy getting a new pod every month, and when their collection is complete they will have an incredibly rich and diverse collection that will provide endless hours of entertainment and imagination-stimulating fun."

According to Anderson, the first release of the game includes the first "Pod", which starts the collection with one animated character and one scene. Initially Toonies will be downloadable for free from the Apple Store, with a scheduled second release in April, which will include at least one additional pod. The price structure is set to change to $1.99 with the release of a 3rd "Pod" in May.

Another unique aspect of how this game design has been approached is that Mongadillo Studios is acting as the producer, but will not be itself exclusively responsible for all of the design and production art. Instead, by working with animators, artists and even animation studios who are being asked to submit designs for possible inclusion in future "pods", Mongadillo plans to offer a wide variety of styles, mediums, and characters. "This will make your collection of cartoons and scenes even more interesting, because you will have a really mixed bag of visual styles, and while the game is 2D, any medium for animation can be introduced, including 3D, stop motion, and clay-mation. I hope to get a wide range of drawing styles, as well as a a good mix of different mediums in the collection before its done." said Anderson. In addition to original art and design in each new update, original music is also being sought for each unique scene. The first release includes original musical composition and never before heard recordings of accomplished Bluegrass/Folk musician Richie Lawrence. When asked about who might be contributing on future releases, Anderson was tight-lipped, and would say only that there were some very exciting additions in the pipeline.

Ed Anderson, Founder of Mongadillo Studios is in development on several projects and partnerships in the mobile interactive market and plans to expand Mongadillo Studios business in that arena over the next five years. When asked about their recent move into the interactive market, Anderson was quoted as saying; "I see incredible growth potential in a market that is only now starting to mature in terms of the quality and caliber of content that's out there, and I believe that the next few years will be even more exciting as the mobile devices become more robust and more capable. The part I enjoy the most is being to able to put my work into a market that rewards innovation and risk taking, it provides unrestricted access to the audience, as opposed to working in television, where studios and networks act as gate keepers to the finished product. I feel like I have always known what makes kids laugh, and this market is exciting and new, like flash-based web entertainment was in the late 90's, except this time, the majority of the content is monetized by the end user, instead of an advertising model that never really panned out."

Mongadillo Studios plans for 12 more scheduled updates for "Toonies" over the next 12 months, as well as additional in-app add-ons that will be released over the next 12 months starting in July.

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