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G4TV to Air 4 Episodes of HF

In a deal with Mongadillo Studios CEO Ed Anderson, G4TV has signed a deal that will air 4 episodes of Holiday Force this summer, as part of a new series featuring short format animation. G4TV Producers are excited to have the Holiday Force as a part of this series, and talks continue with the producers for possible inclusion of new episodes in the future. Mongadillo Studios are anticipating a resurgence of interest in the series, after this summer's release of new episodes that it is saying are much improved with with the addition of new talent and increased production budgets.


In a related story, Mongadillo Studios is still looking for talented animators to work in the Portland Area, and have asked that any interested parties should inquire through the company web site;




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Ed Anderson speaks out

Ed Anderson, CEO of Mongadillo Studios in Portland Oregon talked with John D. about the future of Holiday Force and Mongadillo Studios.

Q. Do you think that Holiday Force has a future?
A. Of course I do, I have always believed that if you can make yourself laugh, then there's a decent chance someone else finds it funny too. Fact is, a lot of people like the Holiday Force series, and the future of the show is certain, it will continue, at least until I get tired of doing it, but I don't see that happening for a while.

Q. Why have you decided to bring the show back now, after all this time?
A. The best thing about the "internet bubble" that we saw in the late 90's for me was that it brought us into the realm of production for the web. That turned out not to be a very sustainable model as far as making money, but it established an audience for us, and has spawned new opportunities as far as licensing, which makes it possible for us to put more money back into production again.

Q. What plan do you have for the new Holiday Force series, and how will it be different?
A. Holiday Force will be same, only better. instead of a super low budget flash production, it will be a low budget video production, more akin to the Hanna Barberra style that inspires the show visually and thematically. Unlike the old series, the new episodes will be available only by purchase and download in an MP4 format. This may seem like a rip-off to some people, who have always enjoyed watching the show for free, but its the only way to sustain the show as a series. I don't think that the price of a cup of good coffee is too much to ask for a new episode of Holiday Force, and it sure lasts longer.

Ed Anderson in his underground lair.