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Face the post zombie apocalypse world with Survivor Z, a location based strategy game that ties fictionalized content to real world locations that challenge your ability to survive and adapt. Every where you go you will find new challenges; when to fight and when to run, how to detect and avoid the undead, and how to get what you need to survive. Read More


A text based game for iOS, Android and Nook Color that puts the player in the middle of a zombie outbreak and asks "what would you do?" Awarded "Game of the Week" by Ansca Mobile, as of August 2012, ZDAY Survival Simulator has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its release, and continues to be well received by a worldwide audience. Read More

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ZDay gets 4 stars by 148Apps

ZDay gets 4 stars by 148Apps

Posted on Jan 16, 2012 in Reviews - ZDAY Survival Simulator

ZDay Survival Simulator Review Our Review By Jennifer Allen on January 16th, 2012 ZDAY Survival Simulator is all about surviving a zombie apocalypse. It sounds predictable. After all, there are hundreds of zombie games already out there. ZDAY Survival Simulator does things a little differently though as it’s a text adventure akin to the Fighting Fantasy games and books of old. In the 1980s, the likes of Ian Livingstone revolutionized reading and gaming through such interactive storytelling. For fans of that era, it’s immediately great to...

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Updates & News

A note from Survivor Z creator about player inventory

Posted on Dec 3, 2015

Ed Anderson, the creator of Survivor Z discusses the strategic disadvantage of accumulating too many inventory items in Survivor Z.

Mongadillo to re-release Joe Keatinge’s “Comic Con Z” for SDCC

Posted on Jul 6, 2015

To celebrate San Diego Comic Con Mongadillo Studio’s plans to re-release Joe Keatinge’s 2013 “Comic Con Z” challenge for Survivor Z for one week only.

Survivor Z 3.0 release goes live on iOS

Posted on May 21, 2015

Survivor Z 3.0 update is live on the App Store and features clans and in game messaging!

Survivor Z 3.0 update is a game changer

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

Survivor Z update will add clans, communication, and travel!

Public Beta of ZDAY Writing tool released

Posted on Oct 2, 2014

Players can now write their own challenges using the zday writing tool.

Want to try writing a Survivor Z encounter? use Twine!

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

[slb_exclude]We have been working on our own authoring tool, but …

What’s the star mean? It’s a notification!

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Make sure you enable notifications in Survivor Z.

Limited Edition Survivor Z iPhone Case

Posted on Apr 10, 2014

Limited Edition custom Survivor Z logo iPhone case.

Survivor Z “Survivor Van” Challenge goes live April 1

Posted on Apr 2, 2014

Survivor Z creator Ed Anderson announces release of special April encounter, where for two weeks only players can have a chance at a Survivor Van of their very own!

Find a Survivor Van in April and Share to win even more!!

Posted on Mar 29, 2014


We are preparing the release of the April …

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