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Mongadillo Studios is a creative development company based in Portland, OR founded in 1999 by Ed Anderson. We create award-winning cartoons, designs, and games for mobile and platform devices.

Our Games


zday-app-iconOur first game, ZDAY Survival Simulator released in January of 2012 is a text-based role playing game that places the player in a survival scenario and evaluates the player’s ability to adapt and survive. When you play ZDAY Survival Simulator, every decision you make affects your overall score. New challenges are being added to test player’s ability to survive other scenarios. Visit the ZDAY Survival Simulator page to find out more or download now.



survivorz-app-iconThe follow up game Survivor Z, was launched a year later in 2013. Survivor Z takes mobile gaming to a whole new level with location data to place hyper-relevant scenarios around the player based on real world locations and GPS coordinates. When you move to a new location the game server delivers game content based on your current location, taking strategy gaming to a whole new level. As you go you gather weapons, food, water, and fighting buddies to keep you alive longer. But death is always just a few bad decisions away. Online to smart survive! Survivor Z is evolving over time with new updates coming out regularly. Visit the Survivor Z page to learn more or download now.


Our Killer Zombie User Forums

Go too much water? Need more amo? Need advice on crafting or strategy? Our player forum is the best place to find out what you’re doing wrong, and what the smart players are doing to build their team if zombie fighters and get ahead in the game. The forums are moderated too, so sometimes you’ll get lucky and get a tip from a developer. Check out the Forum now.

Animated Videos & Short Films

Mongadillo Studios has produced over 45 animated shorts and cartoon web series. Our most popular animated series’ are “Shawks”, “The Bottle”, and “Holiday Force”. This award-winning content is available for online, television and film festival uses. Please contact us to find out more, or visit our Video Content page now.


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