pronounced: mon-gah-dil-o

Web Series

Mongadillo Studios has a library of over 52 short films available to license for television, web, film festivals, or stag parties.




Randy and The SHC Square off against evil in all its many guises.

So you say “what can I do to help defeat the Sharks?” Well I’ll tell you what you can do, you have two choices. Either you grab a harpoon and join the fight, or you help those who already have taken up their arms. We would suggest you leave the fighting to the professionals, as we have had some problems in the past with certain people who shall remain unnamed going around stabbing people with sharpened tire irons and fireplace pokers. Let’s just say, not everyone who acts like a jerk is a shark, sometimes their just jerks, you gotta be careful.

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Holiday Force


Ever wonder how some holidays have grown and changed so much over the centuries to become the modern versions of what they once were?

Well you won’t learn any of that from these guys, but they do kick ass. Eight days a year, they got your back.

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The Bottle


Winner 2000 Sony Playstation™ Animation Showdown

Follow the adventures of our hero as he fights crime and sobriety with equal vigor on the mean streets of the big city.

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