"Bring on the Dead" shirts now available

Limited Edition "Bring on the Dead" t-shirts that premiered at Comic-con in San Diego this year are now available for sale on the ZDAYNOW web site. These shirts were designed to mark the upcoming release of the new RPG game ZDAY Survivor "Bring on the Dead" game for iOS.
The RPG game that is set to be released next month has been in development for over two years, and like "ZDAY Survival Simulator", it will the first of its kind. ZDAY Survivor is a Role Playing Game that will utilize location data and combine it with fictionalized game content to create a very realistic and deep user experience that is infinitely scalable. The new game will feature a broad storyline in which the player must achieve certain goals in order to advance, as well as custom challenges that are designed to test the player's survival knowledge and skill. The most revolutionary aspect of the game is the addition of user-generated content. Using a special web-based editing tool, users will be able to write their own ZDAY challenges and share them with the ZDAY team for possible inclusion in the game. User submissions are beginning this month.

The game is scheduled for release in August.


What game reviewers are saying about ZDAY Survival Simulator:

4 out 5 stars
"I've been having a blast with this since it's essentially gameifies what runs through my head whenever I read or watch a piece of zombie content, but it's also solid production-wise. I heartily recommend this to anyone that still has an itch for zombies, or even an appreciation of primarily text-based titles."
~ Brad Nicholson, Toucharcade

4 out 5 stars
"ZDAY is a 21st century text-based Simulator game that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations. The game play is easy and you can soon control it well."

4 out 5 stars
"For those of a certain age who loved adventure game books, it’s the perfect app to play and one that players will find themselves returning to. Not least because they’ll have to be pretty skilled to ‘win’!"
~Jennifer Allen, 148 Apps.com

4 out 5 stars
"At its core, it’s weird to describe a game with music and graphics as a “text adventure” – but that’s really what it is. The graphics and music (while excellent) are really only there for theme and flavor, something to punch up the storytelling. They add absolutely nothing gameplay wise, which, if you’re a fan of classic text adventures, is a good thing."
~Dan Zuccarelli, Gamezebo.com


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