ZDAY "Survivor"
RPG Game takes
ZDAY Survival Simulator
into the 'real world'

Based on the success of the original ZDAY Survival Simulator, creator Ed Anderson has created a new RPG game that puts every player in the middle of a zombie infested world, one year after the plague has wiped out more than 95% of the worlds population.

The game storyline begins as the player emerges from his ZDAY survival shelter, one year after the decision was made to lock it down and try to wait it out. Nearly out of food and water, the player is forced to forage to try and survive. But the world has changed a lot since the virus first appeared. The population has been decimated, there ae very few who remain alive. The infected have gone through numerous generations, and have begun mutating and changing as the virus advances and spreads. Danger lurks around every corner, from infected to rival survivors and even roving bands of pillagers who shoot first and ask questions never. Survival in this world will take cunning, skill, and weapons.

Expanding on the storyline and basic text based puzzle game engine, ZDAY Survivor utilizes the best of the ZDAY logic engine and design, while adding a rich layer of functionality and control that will give the player complete control over his inventory, his survivor party, and his environment as the post-ZDAY world presents onechallenge after another. Players will be able to explore a re-imagined version of the world around them that utilizes the Foursquare API to get location information which is overlaid with custom designed game encounters and challenges. From day one players will have hundreds of encounter challenges to face, each one written with specific survival tactics in mind. As players progress, the challenges presented to them become more and more difficult, and new challenges are added regularly to keep the content fresh and the game rich and engaging.

Currently in production, ZDAY Survivor is set for release in early August 2012.



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Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Color, and all Android ArmV Devices

"There have been many attempts to create a Zombie Survival Game that utilizes location based data to create a real world game map, but this one has something none of the others have even attempted; a great story."


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